Top Destination to Find a Luxury Villa in Chiang Mai

If you truly want to relax and unplug from the hustle and bustle of your regular life, then book your accommodation in the Mae Rim Valley–just few minutes away from Chiang Mai city center yet seemingly worlds away. This area is a top destination for those who are looking to stay in an upscale hotel or a luxury villa in Chiang Mai. Here you’ll find some of the finest resorts not only of Thailand but also of the world.

Privacy and Luxury Amenities

Some of the grandest private villas in the Mae Rim Valley share the grounds of a 5-star resort, so you get ultimate privacy while enjoying all the amenities and services that the hotel has to offer. Villas contain a collection of suites which range in sizes from 300 to 550 sq. ft., each with a theme. The bigger ones have outdoor covered balconies (called a ‘sala’) with panoramic views of the rice terraces and landscaped grounds. You can enjoy your breakfast here every morning if you wish.

Suitable for families, a luxury villa in Chiang Mai can provide a cot for your baby plus one roll-out bed for a child. You also get all the in-room amenities you can expect from a 5-star hotel, including IDD telephone, a mini bar, a TV set with DVD and cable connection, a luxurious bathroom with separate toilet and shower, twin wash basins, toiletries, hairdryer, etc. Some villas–even though they are connected to a 5-star resort–have their own entrances that are completely independent from the property.

These luxury villas are designed after the majestic palaces of ancient kingdoms in Northern Thailand. They inspire relaxation and peacefulness, providing you your very own oasis to relax in. From each suite, you will enjoy wonderful views of the resort’s meticulously maintained gardens, pods and pools. There are exotic tropical plants and fine antiques everywhere you look.

Discreet Five-Star Service

A truly luxurious villa in Chiang Mai will provide you with your very own butler and housekeeper–the mark of exclusive service. They prepare your breakfast and ensure your comfort throughout your stay, as well as introducing you to all the facilities you have access to. Whether you want to organize private trips to attractions in Northern Thailand or need help shopping for something specific, they are also available for you. It’s hard to find this level of service and attention to detail elsewhere.

Tim Davies is associated with Lana Thai Villa and a Chiang Mai resident of many years who enjoys writing about the many and diverse aspects of this part of Northern Thailand. He introduces people to the many attractions and activities on offer in and around Chiang Mai. Having been involved with the hospitality industry for many years he is particularly interested in the many luxury villas and resorts that have been lovingly created with great attention to the traditions of Lanna architectural design.