Hospitality And Travel Marketing In This Era Of Internet

With the enhancements in the use of internet for marketing purposes, almost every sector is now dependent on the use of resources available on internet to market their products or services. Whether travel or hospitality, every sector is dependent on online promotional methods to reach their target audiences. Internet has drastically transformed the face of travel and hospitality marketing as people have become more tech savvy.Travel marketingModern travelers make good use of new technologies and developments as they prefer to search online rather than calling a travel agent or visiting their offices manually... Read More

Thinking Of Moving To Bali? Read This Before Living In Bali

Bali's stunning beaches, statues, temples and simple pleasures have been attracting many tourists. Many luxurious and famous hotels have sprung up in Bali along with world-class spas and yoga centres. Bali have changed since the 1970s but the special quality of the Balinese culture have stayed. "The people in Bali are warm, friendly and wonderful" said Joel Parkinson, a famous surfer from Australia who has lived in Bali for about five years... Read More