A Tourism Marketing Platform like None Other

by Andy Jien If your tourism business is yet to take off properly because of problems with the marketing aspect of things, then you need a proper tourism marketing strategy, chalked out by professionals. Advanced travel marketing solutions for hotels and tourism destinations is what really makes these services stand out.In these days of competition, one cannot really say that the services provided by a particular hotel, of a certain standard, are better than another hotel of the same standard... Read More

5 greats with internet travel marketing

There are many things to love about online travel business. Aside from the fact that it provides convenience for travelers all over the world, it also opens up new business opportunity and income source for everyone.A 7 trillion industryTravel marketing is the fastest growing industry all over the world. Currently it has an annual asset of 7 trillion dollars, which is expected to double by the end of the decade... Read More

Hospitality And Travel Marketing In This Era Of Internet

With the enhancements in the use of internet for marketing purposes, almost every sector is now dependent on the use of resources available on internet to market their products or services. Whether travel or hospitality, every sector is dependent on online promotional methods to reach their target audiences. Internet has drastically transformed the face of travel and hospitality marketing as people have become more tech savvy.Travel marketingModern travelers make good use of new technologies and developments as they prefer to search online rather than calling a travel agent or visiting their offices manually... Read More

What Is Travel Marketing?

Like other niche industries, the travel industry is an entity of its own. Consequently, the ideal marketing solutions for this industry are travel-specific and dedicated to this large and very dynamic field. Marketing to the travel industry involves its various sub-categories like hotels, tour operators, airlines, etc.Yet like most marketing done today, travel marketing is intensely data-driven--it has to be in order to be cost-effective and ultimately successful.It's All about the NumbersA careful examination of data reflects a minutia of details that are important to businesses working in the travel industry... Read More