Bali Villas Rental In The Best Holiday Island Destination

It was only a couple of years ago when I was happy to experience one of the most enjoyable holidays in my life on a beautiful island. That place was Bali. Not a day goes by without planning my next vacation to this gorgeous island in South East Asia. What made this holiday such a special experience was probably because we decided to book a luxury Bali Seminyak villa rental.

Bali is an island situated in central Indonesia located between Lombok and Java. Bali About 92% of the population in Bali is Hindu Dharma, which is blend of Hinduism and Buddhism seeking to attain peace and harmony in life. Bali is without a doubt the most favorite tourist destination in Indonesia. There is so much to explore in Bali and there is something to see and enjoy for everybody, young or old. You may have heard about the white sand beaches of Kuta and Seminyak, frequently visited by tourists, locals and expats living in Bali. Do not forget that Bali is also famous for its rich culture including handicrafts, silver jewelry, painting, mask making, gamelan music, traditional dancing and performances. When you are on the island of Bali take some time to visit a few of the main sacred temples. An important and well-know temple is the one in Tanah Lot.

Normally the family and I always book rooms in a hotel. We are glad we choose different this time and decided to book a Bali villa rental instead. Booking a Bali villa instead of a hotel room was the best decision we made and completed our holiday experience. The friendly staff always available to cater to our needs, the privacy of your “own” villa, your private pool and space the villa home provides, are only a few reasons why staying in a holiday villa is such a better experience to get pleasure from your Bali holiday.

Many villas in Bali are traditional designed with Balinese accents and touches however equipped with modern amenities and services. That is probably what sets Bali villas apart from villa properties in other countries. It is good to be away from the hustle and bustle in a hotel where you normally have to share the hotel premises and swimming pool with other hotel guests. A private villa offers you relaxation as well and lets you forget the stress and frustrations of a busy life back home. If your budget permits you, try to book a villa with ocean views or at least close to one of gorgeous beaches Bali is famous for. Just a word of advice, do not bring your laptop, Ipad or mobile phone with you otherwise you can never truly relax and find inner peace as the Balinese do.

I took many photos and video clips of our holiday in Bali and once every few months, I watch them back, close my eyes and wish I was back in Bali. In only a few years time, we hope to purchase a Bali property ourselves so there is no need to rent a villa but we can stay in our own private home when vacationing in Seminyak Bali.

Bali is really a favourite and well-liked holiday getaway location in Indonesia Se Asia. Quite a few visitors that come for the island desire to remain in Bali villa rental as well as plan to invest in Bali real estate.

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