A Tourism Marketing Platform like None Other

If your tourism business is yet to take off properly because of problems with the marketing aspect of things, then you need a proper tourism marketing strategy, chalked out by professionals. Advanced travel marketing solutions for hotels and tourism destinations is what really makes these services stand out.

In these days of competition, one cannot really say that the services provided by a particular hotel, of a certain standard, are better than another hotel of the same standard. Everyone has to give the best services that they can, to stay in the business. It is the marketing which makes all the difference. If you can’t market your hotel or your tourism service in the best manner possible, then you can say goodbye to lucrative deals and bookings.

M For Marketing

One can use different marketing platforms to market their hotel or their tourism service. “arcRes” is one of the best platforms around. It is basically a travel publishing system which enables you to portray your hotel in its best light. In fact, it comes with a booking engine, complete with a central reservation system.

If you want to put up rates, special offers, packages and destinations even, such services can take care of that for you. Platforms such as arcRes ensure that you get maximum visibility, which is one of the fundamental strategies or principles of travel and tourism marketing. If you’re visible and prominent, then you can be rest assured that you will experience a boost in sales and bookings.


Advertising, hotel marketing and travel marketing have come a long way since their inception. If you are armed with the proper advertising tools, then you can be rest assured that you’ll find success. Advertising today, is not just a simple link that one must click on, in order to view your page.

It is a full fledged application which features shopping, advertising, marketing and of course, bookings, in an easy-to-use, user friendly format. In fact, if you are looking to properly advertise your hotel or tourism business, then you need to use all the tools at your disposal, some of which include, Smartphones, social networking sites like facebook and even travel enterprise channels.

One needs a marketing firm or a platform to manage all these features for the hotel or a tourism service, simply because it is not feasible to manage all of this on one’s own. Moreover, outsourcing this work also comes cheaper in the long run.

Services like “arcRes” ensure that you can have your very own page in popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, are visible on smartphone devices of various makes like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and also create specials which are conveyed by RSS feeds to a huge number of site. So, if you’re looking for a travel and tourism marketing solution, then chances are, “arcRes” will have one for you!

Visit http://arcres.com/tourism-marketing-platform.cfm and get the most advanced travel marketing solutions for hotels, activities and tourism destinations.

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